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Football, and its moments of mesmerising magic


And among his best, this from Neymar

Couple years before from Prince Boateng there was one that may provoke similar amazement.

A long read – power, persuasion and avoidable obesity


No joke this. Coca Cola and McDonald’s are two of the companies that had demanded that Sepp Blatter resign his post at Fifa. Purveyors of sugary drinks and processed fast food, these two who flog their sales especially to the economically vulnerable, especially in developing countries, and we know what these offerings can do to a body. Obscene profits from peddling an impending health disaster for individuals, communities and countries. No, that is not Fifa.

A tragic example of the costs of those sugary drinks and action taken to address the health crisis is Mexico, where an avoidable crisis was allowed to balloon out of control. As The Guardian reports, How one of the most obese countries on earth took on the soda giants

As will be recalled Coca Cola had spent some US$119M on healthcare ‘research’ that would show that, no worries, mere exercise would deal with that obesity thing. The Guardian gets to the point: democracy restored and a businessman becomes President, and.., (more…)