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A PM to visit to Jamaica, former British colony


Escaping Lord Ashcroft may have solved one problem. But the UK Prime Minister David Cameron is on a visit Jamaica. And Jamaican officialdom and others are not entirely tickled pink, with the days of sending in some troops to pacify the natives now difficult to resurrect. With The Guardian doing its part, how is the coverage in alternative media?

As RT tells it, Imperial legacy: Jamaica demands slavery reparations from Britain. Some excerpts,

Prime Minister David Cameron has been reminded of his family’s links to slavery as he faces calls for Britain to pay Jamaica millions of pounds in reparations ahead of his first official visit to Kingston on Tuesday.

Academics and politicians in Jamaica have demanded the PM issue an apology for the hundreds of years during which Britain enslaved and “extracted wealth” from the island’s people.


Venezuela helps absorb west-created refugees


As some countries of Europe continue to cope with a crisis also experienced in other overwhelmed countries closer to the deliberately inflicted disaster, the US offers to welcome, in true Statue of Liberty fashion, the downtrodden, US to accept extra 30,000 refugees over two years, says John Kerry As The Guardian reports,

The US will accept an extra 30,000 refugees from around the world over the next two years, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday, as the Obama administration came under further pressure to take in more victims of the Syrian civil war.

And no longer startling in the cynical game of commitment to responsibility (for disasters of its own creation), (more…)

That day at the UN – President Hugo Chávez


That moment in history that would attract and hold the attention of so many, Remembering Hugo Chávez’s Speech at the UN

Of course, as is now very apparent, the sulphur emanates more so from the establishment than its messenger .

A Long Read – The Agony of Global Capitalism


In a thought-provoking article, TeleSUR gives its take on global capitalism. The crises that afflict the Greece, which again goes to the polls in snap elections, and Puerto Rico provide a useful starting point.

The English version, The Agony of Global Capitalism As opener we have,

At least two populations suffered a severe economic crises this year – Greece and Puerto Rico – crises that submitted them to the demands and will of international creditors and resulted in dramatic cuts in social spending, as well as untold suffering in the form of increased unemployment and poverty.

These two places, Greece and Puerto Rico, although separated by more than 8,000 miles, and despite their completely different socio-political, socio-economic, and historical contexts, have in common a subjugation to the global economic system generally and, more specifically, to a major economic power: to the United States and to Germany, respectively.

En español, Capitalismo en agonía Dos párrafos claves, (more…)

Lago Agrio, persistence, and, finally justice


At last there is some justice. A victory comes to Ecuador, after decades of battles of the government of Ecuador and the indigenous groups adversely affected in the Lago Agrio district. One does recall the irritated indifference of one engineer who had worked in the region and who had even commented on the vast pools of petroleum – just a case of when you or yours are not adversely affected, then why care.

TeleSUR has been diligent in its coverage of this human and environmental catastrophe. Its report of 4Sep15,  Ecuador Victims Can Seek Compensation from Chevron, Canada Supreme Court Rules, suggests a nearing of journey’s end in the pursuit of justice against the power of a corporation that seems to enjoy some state protection. Selected excerpts, (more…)

EEUU, ‘Aquí se habla español’???


Yes, we can! ¡Sí, se puede! And in the very country where, since it is politically incorrectly to vituperate the black as in those ‘halcyon’ days of political games, the Latin is now open game, game as prey for hunting and deporting and for slander, the Spanish language will be spoken at many formal events. Mon dieu, where have all those ‘freedom’ fries (and WMDs) gone?

Yes, Pope Francisco plans to visit the US. And, yes, of the many speeches and Masses he is scheduled to give, the majority will be in Spanish, his native (Argentine) tongue. As The Guardian informs us, Pope Francis to deliver most speeches in Spanish during US tour. ¡Qué bárbaro! as some from far South would say. (more…)

TPP and the prescience of Salvador Allende


On this day, remembrance of the violent coup against the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende takes place in a world made much more unstable.

In the world of today the multinational corporations (MNCs)/transnational corporations (TNCs) no longer see the need to be covert, discreet with their machinations, with their government applying ‘diplomacy’. To formalise their quest for equivalence with and control of vulnerable countries, the US has embarked on a series of trade agreements, misleadingly called ‘free trade’ agreements by the colluding ‘legacy’ MSM. And this is where the prescience of the late President Allende becomes invaluable.

And for that we turn to Greg Grandin at Common Dreams to tell the tale, The TPP Will Finish What Chile’s Dictatorship Started.

Neoliberalism is hard to define…


But Allende offered a pretty good definition back in 1972, in a speech to the United Nations given less than a year before his overthrow and death. He said: “We are faced by a direct confrontation between the large transnational corporations and the states. The corporations are interfering in the fundamental political, economic and military decisions of the states. The corporations are global organizations that do not depend on any state and whose activities are not controlled by, nor are they accountable to any parliament or any other institution representative of the collective interest. In short, all the world political structure is being undermined.”


This September 11th, as the Obama administration makes its final push for the TPP, it’s worth taking a moment to realize why all those people in Chile—and in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador, and throughout Latin America—died and were tortured: to protect the “future profits” of multinational corporations.

And therein that lesson in all its brutality still witnessed today. Eric Draitser’s post in TeleSUR on 2Sep15, fills in many blanks, The US and the Militarization of Latin America.

Two paragraphs are teasers into further reading,

For more than two centuries, the United States has viewed Latin America as its “backyard,” a geopolitical sphere of influence where it acts as undisputed hegemon. The history of the Western hemisphere, broadly speaking, reflects this reality as the U.S. has influenced, dominated, and otherwise controlled the political and economic development of most of the countries of Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean.

However, recent years have borne witness to a growing independence and assertiveness from many nations in the region, owing in no small part to the rise of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Indeed, with Venezuela as the exemplar, and Chavez as the initiator of the process of regional integration and collective security, Latin America has grown increasingly independent of its imperial neighbor to the north.

To be found out and publicly exposed serves little purpose, as active destabilisation continues undeterred. For that the forging and maintaining of strong alliances among besieged independent countries is all the more critical.

That toddler, Aylan Kurdi, who was kicking a football in his village in Syria just a few months before should end up drowned on a beach in Turkey, as his elder brother and mother, serves as stark warning enough for humanity at large in the era of the articulate US President who is a Nobel Laureate (for Peace).

For some, 9/11; for many others, 11/9


Unsuspecting countries that have succumbed to the tidal wave of ‘news’ and ‘analysis’ from US cable will no doubt be inundated with stories on that atrocity committed on US soil back in 2001, when some three thousand people perished. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis would subsequently die, and millions more displaced in a largely destroyed Iraq – but that is another story, as is that of Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Syria…

On that same date in 1973, the government of President Salvador Allende would be overthrown in a bloody coup (‘regime change’), a reign of terror would immediately ensue. We take a look back. (more…)