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In The Time of Covid-19, this time is different?


In The Time of Covid-19, ‘lockdown’, ‘social (physical) distancing’, quarantine is the reality for tens of millions, and with that the deprivation of the distraction of corporate sports compelled into a similar condition and with substantial loss in profits, once dormant critical thinking skills did become alert, and active, and did impel action for more than token redress, even reparations. And with the ascendance of independent, uncompromised media comes The Great Awakening.

The oh-so-long obvious widening of the chasm of social and economic inequality becomes evident, and with one callous, infuriating murder of a black man in the US, normally quickly ‘buried’ by corporate media, there is that spark, that catalyst for action. The most visible signs of oppression, those ubiquitous statues, start to fall, then more quickly – despite very anti-social, aggressive, highly militarised police – not just in the US, but in other countries, especially those former colonisers of The Grab for Africa infamy.

What better time then than to revisit the craft of independent, investigative journalism, a journalism that would be confronted by two words, economic sanction.

Quite apt, indeed timely, is this sample of Abby Martin’s body of work, and further incentive to make history by repudiating brutal, profiteering history, with statues the visible reminder, and making the message, with consequent expectations, pellucidly clear to policy makers. A brief retrospective,

Empire Files: From 1776 to Trump – White Mobs, Racist Heroes & Hidden History

An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela: Abby Martin & UN Rapporteur Expose Coup

The Empire Files: Empires Feed on Congo’s Treasure

The Empire Files: Native American Genocide with Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

These are lively and informative presentations, and references that can banish any boredom from the sudden isolation from customary social interaction.

The imposition of brutal, sadistic US sanctions against Venezuela among other countries that seek an independent path would achieve much of its intended social, economic, and human destruction, a destruction which extended as far as to the drastic slowing of the momentum and wide exposure the independent current affairs programme had been enjoying as it was then forced to seek another platform.

Such cynical actions expose how US politicians, of either corporate political party, can capriciously and ruthlessly deploy policy destructive to another country’s citizens with the aim of attracting sizable political ‘contributions’, winning elections in states such as Florida in particular, in the process securing political favours and power and wealth in the US. Erratic or not, in this the incumbent US president with refreshing honesty discards any pretence of generosity or nobleness, as had his predecessors.

Ms Martin’s former platform, teleSUR, though much weakened, continues to fulfill its mandate to provide news and analysis relevant to the region Latin America and the Caribbean, and uninfluenced by foreign and domestic corporate interests, as evidenced in a recent broadcast. Independent media, as exemplified here, are in the ascendancy as traditional corporate media continue to pay the cost, and well deserved, of routinely failing to adhere to even the most basic of journalistic standards.

Inescapable from current epochal events is the insistent contention that, for untrammeled Imperial Hubris, Covid-19 will leave in its wake its legacy, Nemesis. Time to reach for a chair and a cup of coffee, and watch the dénouement? This time is different.

US MSM, and a YouTuber’s opprobrium


For corporate MSM, truly Annus Horriblis. Very likely, Annus Fatalis. For media and legal analyst Lionel, the end could not come sooner. He holds forth on the faulty recollections of the ‘golden era’ of US journalism, an era that was as fake as the ‘news’ being peddled. Lionel tells it in his own irascible yet incisive style,   American News Media Were Never Great Just Better Than The Rancid Egesta We’ve Habituated To

As the saying goes, ‘The genie is out of the bottle’, and ain’t going back in. Alternative media are here, with credibility that has started to eclipse the diminishing, the fading lustre of ‘traditional media’. And in time.

The US MSM, that inexorable march to irrelevance


Prof Edward S Herman passed away in early November. Among his memorable achievements was his joint authorship with Noam Chomsky of that unsparing work of 2005, Manufacturing Consent. In it we would learn the extent to which the corporate media have been in active collusion with state power to sell a reality, no matter how preposterous, concocted to promote its agenda, an agenda inimical to the interests of the general populace, and not just domestic. (more…)

‘Make the economy scream!’


That immortal statement by the US President Nixon. Back then the intended target was President Salvador Allende of Chile and his government. Unsurprisingly, in today’s environment the corporate MSM is more assiduous in studious avoidance of any mention of that event. Or any similar ones. But thanks to the internet and YouTube – so far – there is easy access to such sordid events and history. (more…)

Corporate MSM and the grab for Venezuela’s resources


The role of corporate media in promoting the conquest and submission of non-compliant nation-states has never been more evident. Indeed, they no longer see the need to feign adherence to any semblance of standards of journalism, especially in the case of a country rich in resources that considers its resources the patrimony of all its citizens. (more…)

Venezuela, now, like Puerto Rico, US colony?


Operation Condor, this time Condor 2.0 and in full flight?

Those continuing, mob-instigated violent confrontations in a Venezuela beset by a severe economic crisis have made a bad situation worse. Not only that, to confirm any lingering doubts comes an official US statement of intention to depose a democratically-elected sovereign government; and for impeccable timing that statement comes just a month or so after release of a report on the affair in Iran in 1953, and with a sundered and tragic Libya (strong language alert) still fresh in mind. (more…)

At the guarimbas, democracy blazes


Or where responsible journalism is again abandoned to promote an agenda, and where it becomes no more than full-throated propaganda to support ‘régime change’ – the overthrow of yet another ‘insubordinate’ sovereign nation-state, one with massive reserves of hydrocarbons. (more…)

Democracy and the US presidential elections


The democracy most know has over the years undergone a radical transformation in the United States. Where one person, one vote would traditionally work, in the US the candidates in general tend to represent the corporations that fund their candidacy and political positions. The two political parties which admit of no serious contenders have become corporate, and the citizens they are elected to represent have been largely ignored – until the next voting cycle approaches. (more…)

Social media, and uniting indigenous nations


The times, they do change. With the corporate media then in totally unchallenged dominance, the voiceless were just that, and an awkward irritant best left ignored. However, with the advent of social media, nations and their peoples that have long existed, but studiously ignored, now have their voices heard. With the corporate media, the plunder of resources – with assorted intimidating murders of community or tribal leaders – would be rationalised as deterring ‘terrorists’ (or evil Communists in another era) from depriving their disadvantaged people of the benefits of ‘civilisation’. The times have changed, as ‘legacy’ media are increasingly being treated with the opprobrium deserved, well-deserved. (more…)

09Oct67 – ‘Che’


Today, 09Oct, marks 49 years that Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara was murdered in Bolivia. As is known, the illustrious ‘Che’ had embarked on a mission to promote the liberation of the masses of people oppressed by corrupt, cupidinous governments imposed by oligarchs or outside powers.  With, The Legacy of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, TeleSUR pays homage to one of the giants of the 20th century, with his light still shining brightly into the 21st – significantly different from  those corporate media-created ‘leaders’,  ‘heroes’, college-degreed mediocrities of insignificant accomplishment and, most assuredly, destined to rather prompt despatch to historical oblivion. (more…)