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Honduras, even deeper into the depths


Those Presidential elections in Honduras of 26Nov17. Were there to be any recount, the robbery would be exposed. Were there to be new elections, there would again have to be robbery to achieve ‘the Northern’ result.

How bad is it? Well, when even The Economist, well-established clarion for Western capitalism, calls out the farce that has been played out in Honduras, a ludicrous farce masquerading as ‘elections’, we know something is awry. We start off with this headline, Is Honduras’s ruling party planning to rig an election?Is Honduras’s ruling party planning to rig an election?, which sets the stage for the predictable dénouement. (more…)

US MSM, and a YouTuber’s opprobrium


For corporate MSM, truly Annus Horriblis. Very likely, Annus Fatalis. For media and legal analyst Lionel, the end could not come sooner. He holds forth on the faulty recollections of the ‘golden era’ of US journalism, an era that was as fake as the ‘news’ being peddled. Lionel tells it in his own irascible yet incisive style,   American News Media Were Never Great Just Better Than The Rancid Egesta We’ve Habituated To

As the saying goes, ‘The genie is out of the bottle’, and ain’t going back in. Alternative media are here, with credibility that has started to eclipse the diminishing, the fading lustre of ‘traditional media’. And in time.

The US MSM, that inexorable march to irrelevance


Prof Edward S Herman passed away in early November. Among his memorable achievements was his joint authorship with Noam Chomsky of that unsparing work of 2005, Manufacturing Consent. In it we would learn the extent to which the corporate media have been in active collusion with state power to sell a reality, no matter how preposterous, concocted to promote its agenda, an agenda inimical to the interests of the general populace, and not just domestic. (more…)

US Thanksgiving, debunking the myth


Shop till you drop! Black Friday! On the last Thursday in November the US celebrates its Thanksgiving. This farcical yarn cleansed of its bloody origins, sanitised, has been spun for generations of US children who, as parents should be better informed and more responsible, would then continue to perpetuate the myth – not quite using the day for  un-programmed socialising, truly celebrating life among family and friends and even welcomed strangers. (more…)

‘Make the economy scream!’


That immortal statement by the US President Nixon. Back then the intended target was President Salvador Allende of Chile and his government. Unsurprisingly, in today’s environment the corporate MSM is more assiduous in studious avoidance of any mention of that event. Or any similar ones. But thanks to the internet and YouTube – so far – there is easy access to such sordid events and history. (more…)

Corporate MSM and the grab for Venezuela’s resources


The role of corporate media in promoting the conquest and submission of non-compliant nation-states has never been more evident. Indeed, they no longer see the need to feign adherence to any semblance of standards of journalism, especially in the case of a country rich in resources that considers its resources the patrimony of all its citizens. (more…)

Fidel Castro, 13Aug1926 to 25Nov2016


The unexamined life is not worth living. Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz.

For over sixty years, from Argentina to Canada, there has been no leader of his stature and influence, and none so admired – except in the US and some of its supplicant dependents. (more…)

¿A Uruguay? Ou, au Canada!


¡Pasmado! Do cry for me, Uruguay. Or, welcome to the real world of fantasy.

If one remembers, or is reminded, there was much excitement sometime ago, from the very responsible US media of a likely, very strong spike in US tourism to Uruguay, a Spanish-speaking country way down there. For beaches, as in the Caribbean or similar spots? ¡De ninguna manera! The great expectation was based on the legislative debates and then approval there of the sale of limited quantities of marijuana, with the aim of allowing the country to focus more on crimes that are crimes and other more pressing issues than ‘taking a puff’. So, a voyage to the ‘outer limits’ for just a puff? Mercifully for Uruguay, shortly after there would come the news that similar legalisation would be allowed in some states of the US.

And with the president-elect of the US who failed to lose the elections, and did so badly, came other news. Anger and fury of many of his non-supporters who had bought with credit card or other their New Balance shoes. Such anger and fury that – oh! over there the responsible media and tv cameras to record! – they had something of a Bonfire of Inanities (and Stupidities) as they burnt their shoes at the steak (?), because some New Balance official might have indicated support for the president-elect. The good news is that such campaigners for a lower ‘carbon foot-print’ certainly did show those climate-deniers how to do it, and ‘virally’ so.

Then would appear the joyous dénouement, as the astute corporate media would report, ‘staying on message’, seriously so. Au Canada! Pick up the children after school. Head to the airport. Or just drive (or yacht off) to Canada to be greeted rapturously by grateful Canadians and transported immediately to the old home and same schools and same neighbourhood, in Canada. Yet that strong evidence of being in Canada, an inability to pronounce ‘about’ other than strangely. But still there would remain that impediment, the patriotic and resolute refusal to learn to speak a second language, French, in the bi-lingual country. Ô Canada!

Yet, given such responsible, media-conditioned US voters, there is still shock that the president-elect (or even Boris Badenov) would or could have lost, popular vote or not? Seriously?

Democracy and the US presidential elections


The democracy most know has over the years undergone a radical transformation in the United States. Where one person, one vote would traditionally work, in the US the candidates in general tend to represent the corporations that fund their candidacy and political positions. The two political parties which admit of no serious contenders have become corporate, and the citizens they are elected to represent have been largely ignored – until the next voting cycle approaches. (more…)

09Oct67 – ‘Che’


Today, 09Oct, marks 49 years that Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara was murdered in Bolivia. As is known, the illustrious ‘Che’ had embarked on a mission to promote the liberation of the masses of people oppressed by corrupt, cupidinous governments imposed by oligarchs or outside powers.  With, The Legacy of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, TeleSUR pays homage to one of the giants of the 20th century, with his light still shining brightly into the 21st – significantly different from  those corporate media-created ‘leaders’,  ‘heroes’, college-degreed mediocrities of insignificant accomplishment and, most assuredly, destined to rather prompt despatch to historical oblivion. (more…)