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The US MSM, that inexorable march to irrelevance


Prof Edward S Herman passed away in early November. Among his memorable achievements was his joint authorship with Noam Chomsky of that unsparing work of 2005, Manufacturing Consent. In it we would learn the extent to which the corporate media have been in active collusion with state power to sell a reality, no matter how preposterous, concocted to promote its agenda, an agenda inimical to the interests of the general populace, and not just domestic. (more…)


Baltimore, social and economic privation – through a glass darkly?


Or just use a clear glass? Or no glass? No CNN. No WaPo. No NYT. In short, no corporate MSM to disguise reality – clean break from unrelenting misinformation and disinformation?

And that is what more and more folk are, and should be doing: avoiding the subtle but deliberate opaqueness, studious avoidance of reality in news coverage by the US corporate MSM. The advent of the blog and alternative media has offered access to the reliable and accurate information and analysis increasingly avoided, ignored by the MSM – coverage of recent events in Baltimore would provide some of the incriminating evidence

Mother Jones (MoJo), as an example of leading alternative media, lacking the massive resources of ‘legacy’ corporate media, has been successful in the quality of its news coverage, as well as research and news analysis, and attracting more readers in the process. Early in the protests in Baltimore it, as lesser ‘known’ media, had zeroed in on issues overlooked, ignored by the US MSM – MoJo did the requisite legwork, not being stenographer for ‘official sources’ and their tailored ‘narrative’.

Well, again comes MoJo with some basics that most econ students would know how to find, and ‘legacy’ media would already have, yet not use – until necessity or embarrassment intrudes. Citing a slew of sources and studies, Edwin Rios and Jaeah Lee of MoJo tell the story with, 7 Charts Explaining Baltimore’s Economic and Racial Struggles. (more…)

The caged bird, truth and freedom of the press in the US


No, not only discriminating birds. All surveys have reached the same conclusion. But before we get to that conclusion, a slight but necessary detour.

One thing for certain, if he does not earn the Nobel Prize in Economics for illustrating to readers the questionable or misleading analysis of the likes of WaPo and NYT, he does indeed deserve it for sparing his readers the anguish of having to read such; allowing them to avoid the unbearable torture – a word both have studiously avoided where the US is involved.

And, to continue with Dean Baker, co-director of the US CEPR, we find he had to suffer through its news and crime reporting, in this case, on the demonstrations and unrest in Baltimore. Baker demonstrates remarkable self-restraint in avoiding the use of the sometimes necessary, strong language, in his post. Washington Post’s Front Page Nonsense on Freddie Gray.

I usually confine my comments to economic reporting, but I can’t let my blog sit idle when the Washington Post commits major journalistic malpractice on a story of national importance. The Post ran a major front page story with the headline, “Prisoner in van said Freddie Gray was ‘trying to injure himself’ document says.” As the article indicates, the basis for the story is a document which includes the statement by another prisoner, presumably someone still in police custody.

His rebuke,

Making this statement the basis of a front page story and not indicating to readers the need for skepticism, given the source, is incredibly irresponsible.