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Democracy and the US presidential elections


The democracy most know has over the years undergone a radical transformation in the United States. Where one person, one vote would traditionally work, in the US the candidates in general tend to represent the corporations that fund their candidacy and political positions. The two political parties which admit of no serious contenders have become corporate, and the citizens they are elected to represent have been largely ignored – until the next voting cycle approaches. (more…)


The farce of ‘free trade’, wondrous jobs and nirvana


A deluge of chat in the US about ‘free trade’, ‘job creation’, ‘wage increases’. And amplified into being truth by constant, unexamined promotion by its corporate MSM.

To take this bull by the horns, we attempt a succinct review of the analysis, a ‘guide for the incurious’, on the benefits of these US-initiated trade proposals. We start with a headline of 30 January 2015 that should capture events ongoing and before. And very apposite is that title of the blog post of Dean Baker, co-director of CEPR, at his beat the press blog. (And how apposite we will discover shortly.) The BS Storm is Coming on Trade Deals.

On the benefits of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, TTIP, Baker informs us,

A study by the Centre for Economic Policy Research in the U.K. said that the employment effect of the sister TTIP would be small and could go in either direction.


It is also important to note that a major thrust of these trade deals is protectionist in the form of increasing patent and copyright protection. This will lead to higher prices for prescription drugs and other protected products. This will slow growth and reduce purchasing power. Stronger patent protection is also likely to further disadvantage U.S. workers as increased royalty payments for patents will crowd out exports of goods, reducing manufacturing employment in the United States.

Nothing unclear there. (more…)