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Laurels for an Argentina Laureate


An egregious example of either incorrigible obtuseness or imperious contempt?

In what has to be one of the most offensives decisions to visit a country by another leader, and a world leader to boot: the scheduling of the visit of the US President to Argentina, and between 22-24 March, of all dates. Any good high school student studying Latin American history would have been appalled at the decision. Worse yet, is that the US President was recipient in 2009 of the Nobel Prize for, yes, Peace, the justification for which still continues to mystify.

That the main player in those dark days of 1976 in Argentina should be unaware beggars belief. It would take a storm of criticism from human rights groups and governments , especially those similarly abused, to protest that disrespect to the people of the country, in particular the victims and next of kin. As a result, the US has deigned to change the President’s visit to Buenos Aires from the originally scheduled 24 March.

Noteworthy in all this is the post at the common dreams blog, Letter from Pérez Esquivel to Barack Obama in Ocassion [sic] of His Travel to Argentina on March 24. From a human rights activist and  victim of that era, a powerful letter that highlights the US role in the region, something any mediocre Presidential adviser should have known. A telling paragraph,

If your intention is to come here to acknowledge on behalf of the United States of America that your country was an accomplice of coups d’état in this region, in the past and currently; to announce that your country will sign and ratify the Statute of Rome and be subject to the International Criminal Court; and to stop being the only American country which does not ratify the American Convention on Human Rights; if you shall please us with news that the “Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation” (WHINSEC) and the“International Law Enforcement Academy” (ILEA) shall be terminated in their capacity as heirs of the School of the Americas, and with news that the military bases of the United States in Latin America shall be closed, then you shall indeed be welcomed to Argentina on any day.

In this letter, we have a lesson on communication, language couched in quiet disappointment, yet a searing indictment of gratuitous state criminality. Still, the message will most certainly be lost on its intended recipient, the counterpart Nobel awardee – the prerogative of exceptionalism.

Hugo Chávez, hasta siempre


A refreshing read against the backdrop of the US President proclaiming, on 04Mar. and for a second consecutive year, Venezuela a threat to the US.

With that and the US President’s accomplishment in mind, we have TeleSur which pays homage to the late President of Venezuela who died on 05Mar2013. (more…)

El día internacional de derechos humanos


Hoy se celebra el día internacional de DDHH. Estas imágenes cuentan el maltrato a personas en muchos paises del mundo. De TeleSUR, La humanidad reclama hoy el respeto a los DD.HH



Today in Venezuela there is national recognition and celebration of an indigenous patriot. TeleSUR does what very few media would do – show respect and relate history from the perspective of the ‘locals’.

Venezuela Celebrates Indigenous Resistance Leader Guaicaipuro

Venezuela helps absorb west-created refugees


As some countries of Europe continue to cope with a crisis also experienced in other overwhelmed countries closer to the deliberately inflicted disaster, the US offers to welcome, in true Statue of Liberty fashion, the downtrodden, US to accept extra 30,000 refugees over two years, says John Kerry As The Guardian reports,

The US will accept an extra 30,000 refugees from around the world over the next two years, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday, as the Obama administration came under further pressure to take in more victims of the Syrian civil war.

And no longer startling in the cynical game of commitment to responsibility (for disasters of its own creation), (more…)

A Long Read – The Agony of Global Capitalism


In a thought-provoking article, TeleSUR gives its take on global capitalism. The crises that afflict the Greece, which again goes to the polls in snap elections, and Puerto Rico provide a useful starting point.

The English version, The Agony of Global Capitalism As opener we have,

At least two populations suffered a severe economic crises this year – Greece and Puerto Rico – crises that submitted them to the demands and will of international creditors and resulted in dramatic cuts in social spending, as well as untold suffering in the form of increased unemployment and poverty.

These two places, Greece and Puerto Rico, although separated by more than 8,000 miles, and despite their completely different socio-political, socio-economic, and historical contexts, have in common a subjugation to the global economic system generally and, more specifically, to a major economic power: to the United States and to Germany, respectively.

En español, Capitalismo en agonía Dos párrafos claves, (more…)

Lago Agrio, persistence, and, finally justice


At last there is some justice. A victory comes to Ecuador, after decades of battles of the government of Ecuador and the indigenous groups adversely affected in the Lago Agrio district. One does recall the irritated indifference of one engineer who had worked in the region and who had even commented on the vast pools of petroleum – just a case of when you or yours are not adversely affected, then why care.

TeleSUR has been diligent in its coverage of this human and environmental catastrophe. Its report of 4Sep15,  Ecuador Victims Can Seek Compensation from Chevron, Canada Supreme Court Rules, suggests a nearing of journey’s end in the pursuit of justice against the power of a corporation that seems to enjoy some state protection. Selected excerpts, (more…)

For some, 9/11; for many others, 11/9


Unsuspecting countries that have succumbed to the tidal wave of ‘news’ and ‘analysis’ from US cable will no doubt be inundated with stories on that atrocity committed on US soil back in 2001, when some three thousand people perished. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis would subsequently die, and millions more displaced in a largely destroyed Iraq – but that is another story, as is that of Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Syria…

On that same date in 1973, the government of President Salvador Allende would be overthrown in a bloody coup (‘regime change’), a reign of terror would immediately ensue. We take a look back. (more…)

TeleSUR, ten years on, with focus


TeleSUR celebrates its tenth year of operation. And as most countries of the region continues to pursue their path of independence, it is only natural that congratulations should come from the former President of Cuba, Fidel Castro.

Over the years of its operations TeleSUR has provided news, analysis and articles seldom found in major media such as issues that affect the indigenous or the poor. or even general news on any of the not-so-small countries. And just as one of many examples that distinguishes TeleSUR, we have, Impact of ‘Ecocide’ in Guatemala’s Pasion River Runs Deep(more…)

Baltimore, MD – Just One of the Many Grim, Social Tragedies in the US


The shame they had hoped would stay hidden. And quiet, docile, they had expected ‘these people’ would remain. Not so.

Grim, fickle fate awaited Freddie Gray of Baltimore, MD, and death was his destiny, shackled and shaken in a police van. And, ironically, for once, a tragedy yields a small success – the collaboration, conspiracy (?) of the authorities and the ‘legacy’ corporate media was exposed, and promptly and summarily discredited. The Washington Post would print the ‘official’ story, and would be immediately ridiculed for its grotesque misinformation. Even a Baltimore TV reporter from a less prestigious TV station, WBAL, would investigate and rebut the paper’s assertions.

And for the US President, not a good week, as, shortly after his star-studded gala event for his White House media, he castigated the ‘thugs’ involved in the protests, none of whom was clearly, could ever be, at the level of his friends, Prof Henry Louis Gates, ‘historian’ to celebrities or Prof Michael Eric Dyson, fumbling and foiled ‘intellectual hitman’ against Cornel West. Then, again, that was the same President who had failed to rise to the stature and authority of many of the leaders (e.g., Correa, Morales, Maduro, Castro) at the VII Summit of the Americas in Panama on 10-11Apr., even if the photo-ops were the desiderata, the sine qua non, of the US media. (Performance, not platitudes, is expected after all that marketing, PR – as Sen Warren or Prof West would show, and without the marketing, the PR.) (more…)