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VII Summit of the Americas – Symbolism vs Substance


Irony of history – today is 13 April. The day in 2002 when the late President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez was restored to the Presidency to which he was democratically and unanimously elected, after a failed coup attempt on 11 March, 2002…

So now. How was the VII Summit of the Americas? Let’s see. No official declaration, yet again – though there would be a consensus declaration from the Summit of the Peoples. So, then, what resulted from this confabulation of leaders at the Summit of the Americas?

For the US, the raison d’être of attending achieved: Symbolism, a handshake between Raul Castro and Barack Obama – cameras clicking and US talking heads clucking. And that would be followed by now predictable and tiresome rhetoric, with unfulfilled promises – the US President had come yet again, empty handed but laden with platitudes, to the surprise of very few.



Summit of Americas, RIP? Welcome, Summit of the Peoples?


That V Summit of the Americas of 2009 is where a priceless opportunity was squandered. Whereas obvious inexperience could have been an excuse for his subsequent repudiation of the handshake of friendship by the late President Hugo Chávez on behalf of Venezuela and most countries of the region, the US President again would have had more than ample time since then to replace rhetoric with substance and action.

Shortly after that Summit would follow the overthrow of Manuel Zelaya, the duly elected President of Honduras. This was a coup condemned by most countries of the region with the US a signal exception. Naturally, from the US would then come a former adviser to a former Presidential candidate to lobby for the illegitimate regime. (more…)