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Social media, and uniting indigenous nations


The times, they do change. With the corporate media then in totally unchallenged dominance, the voiceless were just that, and an awkward irritant best left ignored. However, with the advent of social media, nations and their peoples that have long existed, but studiously ignored, now have their voices heard. With the corporate media, the plunder of resources – with assorted intimidating murders of community or tribal leaders – would be rationalised as deterring ‘terrorists’ (or evil Communists in another era) from depriving their disadvantaged people of the benefits of ‘civilisation’. The times have changed, as ‘legacy’ media are increasingly being treated with the opprobrium deserved, well-deserved. (more…)

Continuous growth – otherwise declining capitalism?


Dean Baker of the US CEPR has been diligent in monitoring the process (theatre and theatrics) related to the US proposed ‘free trade’ deals, and unsparing in exposing and dissecting them. In a post at AlJazeera he summarises and dissects the contradictory arguments made by the proponents and the loyal, supporting corporate media, Pro-TPP arguments show desperation.

In the last few weeks, TPP advocates have repeatedly tripped up, getting their facts wrong and their logic twisted. This hit parade of failed arguments should be sufficient to convince any fence sitters that this deal is not worth doing. After all, if you have a good product, you don’t have to make up nonsense to sell it.

No prolonged reflection is necessary to discern ulterior, possibly nefarious, motives in these deals. And the scale of the human tragedies to serve what such deals seek to formalise has become too large even for the corporate media to ignore – one country in particular appears involved in slave labour, and is among the ‘partners’ in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) charade.

If needed, we have a quick expedition into those Asian countries suspected of slave labour, yet still find favour as trading ‘partners’. In Peru, we have just one of some examples; Mexico,well, any day, any reputable newspaper. And the assertive proponent? (more…)