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La Présidente brésilienne parle français – aux États Unis?


President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil just recently completed a long planned visit to the US. That visit had been deferred because of that delicate matter of US eavesdropping on all and sundry in Brazil, and elsewhere. The Brazilian President had been a principal target of the US eavesdropping.

The President, during her stay in the US, would explain her change of attitude at the selfless, magnanimous decision of the US to halt its spying activities toward her, and members of her government. After all, things had changed. As the news report would have it, (more…)


Baltimore, MD – Just One of the Many Grim, Social Tragedies in the US


The shame they had hoped would stay hidden. And quiet, docile, they had expected ‘these people’ would remain. Not so.

Grim, fickle fate awaited Freddie Gray of Baltimore, MD, and death was his destiny, shackled and shaken in a police van. And, ironically, for once, a tragedy yields a small success – the collaboration, conspiracy (?) of the authorities and the ‘legacy’ corporate media was exposed, and promptly and summarily discredited. The Washington Post would print the ‘official’ story, and would be immediately ridiculed for its grotesque misinformation. Even a Baltimore TV reporter from a less prestigious TV station, WBAL, would investigate and rebut the paper’s assertions.

And for the US President, not a good week, as, shortly after his star-studded gala event for his White House media, he castigated the ‘thugs’ involved in the protests, none of whom was clearly, could ever be, at the level of his friends, Prof Henry Louis Gates, ‘historian’ to celebrities or Prof Michael Eric Dyson, fumbling and foiled ‘intellectual hitman’ against Cornel West. Then, again, that was the same President who had failed to rise to the stature and authority of many of the leaders (e.g., Correa, Morales, Maduro, Castro) at the VII Summit of the Americas in Panama on 10-11Apr., even if the photo-ops were the desiderata, the sine qua non, of the US media. (Performance, not platitudes, is expected after all that marketing, PR – as Sen Warren or Prof West would show, and without the marketing, the PR.) (more…)

Yes, ‘Free Trade’ and Free Trade – US ‘Journalism’ and Journalism



We have an example of journalism as against ‘journalism’. US economist Dean Baker, more so than others, has been inveighing mightily and continually against the problematic reporting of the ‘journalism’ of the likes of WaPo and NYT, now on issues of ‘free trade’, the TTIP and TPP. Baker reads and responds to such so that others will not have to suffer the indignity or agony. Yet in all this we are pointed to a surprise, and it comes from one of the MSM blogs.

As we will see, Huffington Post, often bulletin board to the corporate Democratic party, is gifted with good journalists – if one has the patience to rummage through the clutter. On the ‘Fast Track’ and TPP and TTIP, its Zach Carter serves as an exemplar on how journalism should be done, something rare in the corporate MSM.

No sooner had Senator Warren highlighted the obvious that even the modestly curious already know, than the US President would plunge deeper into it, and aggressively undermine further his trustworthiness, Obama Fires Back At Elizabeth Warren And Trade Critics, Escalating Democratic Feud. (more…)

For the US, ‘Free Trade’, and Trading Places – Warren for Obama?


‘Free trade’? Senator Warren? Wrong on her facts and analysis? Clearly an unintended invitation to scrutinise respective CVs, respective accomplishments? The real versus the ersatz?

In that aggressive and hasty pursuit of his legacy from approved ‘free trade’ deals (TTIP and TTP), along the Clinton Model, the US President committed another of those errors the less inexperienced know to avoid. Earlier this week the President, in defending his proposed trade deals would criticise, of all people, Elizabeth Warren.

From an organ of the US corporate MSM, CNN, we have, Obama: Warren is ‘wrong’ on trade. From which we look at key excerpts,

President Barack Obama is locking horns with one of his most prominent progressive critics on trade policy, calling out Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “wrong” in her opposition to a proposed trade deal with Asia.

“I love Elizabeth. We’re allies on a whole host of issues. But she’s wrong on this,” Obama says in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews at the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, scheduled to air Tuesday night.

I would not be doing this trade deal if I did not think it was good for the middle class. And when you hear folks make a lot of suggestions about how bad this trade deal is, when you dig into the facts they are wrong,” Obama said.

[bold added for emphasis] (more…)