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Huffing, and puffing along tobacco road


As we journey we look for the wondrous benefits of sugar-sweetened beverages, junk food, and tobacco, and have as companion a question, ‘Why should they be allowed to, if it is…’ A country, still developing and lacking in resources and institutions, and with pressing social and economic issues to address. Worse, an impoverished country. (more…)

A Long Read – for that ‘free ride’ to ‘free trade’ and ICSID


The Guardian has another of its Long Reads.

This time the topic is the rise of the corporation, usually multinational corporation (MNC), to the level of, equivalent to the state and beyond. Countries that have had to face the World Bank to seek loans and technical assistance, and be subject to that well-known ‘structural adjustment’, are more than familiar with the mechanism called Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). In the case of the World Bank, the name is the more sophisticated-sounding, International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) – and not even deigning to use US-spelling of ‘Centre’. (more…)

‘Free trade’, corporate style – quick, unceremonious burial


At least for spurious arguments. No epitaph. None. Punto Final.

As is well known, all around the world, the ‘free trade’ deals, TPP and TTIP, being negotiated, would bother our famed linguist mightily. But that is one story.

Many a reputable economist has cast a jaundiced eye on the matter. Dean Baker is one. He has been unstinting in his repudiation of the misleading, truly disingenuous, arguments for these things. And there seems to be some multiplicative aspect to such rebuttals – the more the rebuttals the more the arguments keep coming back, yet the same piffle.

But before we get to Baker and others in their Sisyphean struggle against unyielding corporate interests, championed by the US President and shrilly promoted by the US MSM, a digression.

Jon Queally of Common Dreams has a post that focuses a spotlight on one set of supporters, Wall Street Titans Who Crashed Global Economy in 2008 Go Big for TPP. And he observes, (more…)