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El Salvador and its fight to life


But for the grace of, what, luck? Place of birth and station in life. Just imagine being transplanted to El Salvador, and as a peasant or indigenous who depends on water, from streams and rivers, for drinking, cooking, washing and other basic needs of life. And El Salvador is a very poor country, of which the World Bank is aware, since it collects and disseminates data on the country, and provides loans and technical assistance. (more…)

A Long Read – for that ‘free ride’ to ‘free trade’ and ICSID


The Guardian has another of its Long Reads.

This time the topic is the rise of the corporation, usually multinational corporation (MNC), to the level of, equivalent to the state and beyond. Countries that have had to face the World Bank to seek loans and technical assistance, and be subject to that well-known ‘structural adjustment’, are more than familiar with the mechanism called Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). In the case of the World Bank, the name is the more sophisticated-sounding, International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) – and not even deigning to use US-spelling of ‘Centre’. (more…)