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Economics for the general reader


Economics professor, John Quiggin, continues with his Economics in Two Lessons text. A draft piece he has made available at the crooked timber blog for comments and critiques, which may lead to a tightening up of the text directed at the general reader. (The privatisation of public enterprises is a timely topic.)

In the current post, Public Services: Excerpt from Economics in Two Lessons, Quiggin provides a link to the draft text to date, and in pdf format.

A slight investment of time should bear rich fruit, and confirm nagging doubts on the honesty of economic analysis so often proffered by the corporate MSM. The internet offers many rewards, and inexpensively – this is but one powerful example.


Economics in one lesson? Not so fast


Henry Hazlitt had written his ‘Economics in One Lesson’ in 1946. The little book has enjoyed immense popularity, going through many reprints. Its focus on free markets, market economics, ensured its popularity among promoters of the school of thought, ideology. Comes now Prof John Quiggin, who thinks, well, that it is not all that all simple, yet not all that complicated.

Author of ‘Zombie Economics’, he uses the blog, Crooked Timber, to elicit the views of commenters on draft excerpts of his ‘Economics in Two Lessons’. In the process Prof Quiggin also underscores one of the strengths of the blogs. Like Hazlitt’s book, his is aimed at the general reader.

Here he posts another draft excerpt, Draft Preface: Economics in Two Lessons. One of the pleasures, and benefits, of following this process, is that we can gain an insight into the art of communicating, clearly and concisely, to readers of differing levels.