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Corporate MSM and the grab for Venezuela’s resources


The role of corporate media in promoting the conquest and submission of non-compliant nation-states has never been more evident. Indeed, they no longer see the need to feign adherence to any semblance of standards of journalism, especially in the case of a country rich in resources that considers its resources the patrimony of all its citizens. (more…)


Lago Agrio, persistence, and, finally justice


At last there is some justice. A victory comes to Ecuador, after decades of battles of the government of Ecuador and the indigenous groups adversely affected in the Lago Agrio district. One does recall the irritated indifference of one engineer who had worked in the region and who had even commented on the vast pools of petroleum – just a case of when you or yours are not adversely affected, then why care.

TeleSUR has been diligent in its coverage of this human and environmental catastrophe. Its report of 4Sep15,  Ecuador Victims Can Seek Compensation from Chevron, Canada Supreme Court Rules, suggests a nearing of journey’s end in the pursuit of justice against the power of a corporation that seems to enjoy some state protection. Selected excerpts, (more…)