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Laurels for an Argentina Laureate


An egregious example of either incorrigible obtuseness or imperious contempt?

In what has to be one of the most offensives decisions to visit a country by another leader, and a world leader to boot: the scheduling of the visit of the US President to Argentina, and between 22-24 March, of all dates. Any good high school student studying Latin American history would have been appalled at the decision. Worse yet, is that the US President was recipient in 2009 of the Nobel Prize for, yes, Peace, the justification for which still continues to mystify.

That the main player in those dark days of 1976 in Argentina should be unaware beggars belief. It would take a storm of criticism from human rights groups and governments , especially those similarly abused, to protest that disrespect to the people of the country, in particular the victims and next of kin. As a result, the US has deigned to change the President’s visit to Buenos Aires from the originally scheduled 24 March.

Noteworthy in all this is the post at the common dreams blog, Letter from Pérez Esquivel to Barack Obama in Ocassion [sic] of His Travel to Argentina on March 24. From a human rights activist and  victim of that era, a powerful letter that highlights the US role in the region, something any mediocre Presidential adviser should have known. A telling paragraph,

If your intention is to come here to acknowledge on behalf of the United States of America that your country was an accomplice of coups d’état in this region, in the past and currently; to announce that your country will sign and ratify the Statute of Rome and be subject to the International Criminal Court; and to stop being the only American country which does not ratify the American Convention on Human Rights; if you shall please us with news that the “Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation” (WHINSEC) and the“International Law Enforcement Academy” (ILEA) shall be terminated in their capacity as heirs of the School of the Americas, and with news that the military bases of the United States in Latin America shall be closed, then you shall indeed be welcomed to Argentina on any day.

In this letter, we have a lesson on communication, language couched in quiet disappointment, yet a searing indictment of gratuitous state criminality. Still, the message will most certainly be lost on its intended recipient, the counterpart Nobel awardee – the prerogative of exceptionalism.


El Salvador does need a saviour


Though hardly alone in its utter desperation and daily diet of violent death in Central America, El Salvador is proof of the tragedy inflicted upon it, and without mercy.

One consequence is the heart-wrenching decisions parents are forced to make. To save the lives of their children they sacrifice life savings and borrowed money to aid their children’s flight from violence and death in their own country. And that flight can also prove to be perilous or deadly. (more…)

‘Free Trade’, Lies and Looting – Prof Black Shineth the Light on Evil


The Economic Sermon of the Day.

But before we get there. The problem of inexperience and narcissism is that the latter trait too often prevails on the former that it is indeed experience, even wisdom. Case in point is the failure to understand on the part of the incautious and inexperienced that the US Senator Warren never has been ‘packaged’ – her accomplishments are there for all to see and understand. And there ought to be that likelihood that her similarly maligned colleague, Senator Sherrod Brown, may actually know something about trade and ‘free trade’? Then, again, there is something about ‘fools rush in’…

Which brings us to the Economic Sermon of the Day from Professor William K Black. Black is also known for the investigation and securing of the criminal prosecution of very many involved in the infamous Savings & Loan debacle in the US. And the thing is, the crimes of that era were not nearly as egregious as those of the recent ‘Great Financial Crash’, where not one malefactor has been charged, far more convicted – that political inoculation, immunisation in the US that comes through corporate campaign contributions and other lavish perquisites. (more…)