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Of Heroines and Heroes – New World Discoveries


Good bye, Columbus. Latin America and the Caribbean continue to discover and praise their own. This week in Argentina, the President Cristina Fernández with her guest, the President Evo Morales of Bolivia unveiled a statue of an indigenous heroine who had fought against Spanish conquest, source of national pride for the remaining indigenous peoples and for the settled nationals. As TeleSURTv reports. Argentina Replaces Columbus Statue with Indigenous Heroine. An excerpt,

The two South American leaders will inaugurate a monument to independence heroine and South American guerrilla military leader Juana Azurduy.
Zerneri [the sculptor] said Azurduy led battles that were fundamental for South American independence and her legacy is part of the longstanding regional defense of Patria Grande [an integrated Latin America].
     This is a continuation of a trend in the region to recognise those who fought, and fiercely, against being dispossessed and depopulated, mainly unsuccessfully, by merciless invaders.
     The colonial tradition of a statue of Columbus continues to fade. Venezuela has its Guaicaipuro; Trinidad, its Hyarima; Cuba, its Hatuey of Hayti (Haiti and the DR) – Hatuey of those famous ‘Last Words’.
     Just as Argentina has its heroine, so too Hayti (‘Hispaniola’) has its most famous heroine, Anacaona, also celebrated then for her arietos – and she is celebrated in song.