US Thanksgiving, debunking the myth

Shop till you drop! Black Friday! On the last Thursday in November the US celebrates its Thanksgiving. This farcical yarn cleansed of its bloody origins, sanitised, has been spun for generations of US children who, as parents should be better informed and more responsible, would then continue to perpetuate the myth – not quite using the day for  un-programmed socialising, truly celebrating life among family and friends and even welcomed strangers.

Instead, US Thanksgiving Day has further degenerated into a vulgar commercial event – as ‘tradition’ dictates that the guest of honour in the home be the TV, preferably a massive one, with broadcasts of commercial parades with huge balloons of US cartoon characters and the obligatory NFL ‘football’, of 60 minute duration and with over 100 minutes of commercials.

The US MSM had long been ‘babysitter’, pivotal in ensuring adherence to the jaded myth and promoting the commercial, the interloper, to guide the day’s calendar of events for the celebrant. That would continue until the advent of the internet which has allowed for widespread access to the unsparing facts of a very brutal and bloody history. And thanks to that medium we highlight a few noteworthy reports to debunk the nonsense once and for all.

We start with this recent succinct and incisive post from teleSUR, Thanksgiving or Native American Genocide?

Next, we have a recent news report from RT. Of course, with the very ludicrous assertion by US legislators that RT had influenced the 2016 US elections, it would be inevitable that the resolutely uniformed and patriotic would find their way to that site – as we witness on this very straightforward, informative news item, Thanksgiving’s origins way more controversial than you were taught

On the same RT, in the first nicely done 11 minutes of its Watching the hawks, we have some more history of the evolution of US Thanksgiving Day, and, again, more awkward history that inflexible ignorance prefers to not confront, [138] The Real History of Thanksgiving & Black Lives Under Fire Yes, as dutifully recorded then, venison (at 5:58″) and eel, not turkey, were fed to the colonisers at Plymouth, MA – the much earlier presence of those at Jamestown, VA consigned to convenient oblivion.

As for the obligatory, ‘traditional’, broadcast of NFL ‘football’, there is a grim irony to the Day. One corporate team to take the field is the Washington Redskins. As most of the world know, ‘redskins’ is a perjorative term. But is it? What does the team’s owner have to say?  From an ESPN report,  Daniel Snyder defends ‘Redskins’,

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder told ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” that he is adamant he doesn’t have to bow to pressure to change his team’s nickname because it’s not disparaging to Native Americans but instead a term of honor and respect.

[bold added for emphasis]

And for evidence that crass commercial, racist brazenness does have company, we have, from the then NFL Commissioner, NFL Commissioner: Redskins Name An Honor For Native Americans

Asked at a pre-Super Bowl news conference whether he would call Native Americans “Redskins” to their faces, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell refused to answer and reiterated the league’s position that the team “has presented the name in a way that…has honored Native Americans.”

Which brings us to Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, and back to teleSUR. To show ingratitude at such an ‘honor’ comes this one of the tens of millions who know otherwise, but one far more knowledgeable, and in the context of the US Thanksgiving. On 25Nov15 the superb journalist Abby Martin had interviewed historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on her book, An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States, as we are enlightened further, Thanksgiving to ‘Redskins’ – Dispelling American Myths That Hide Native Genocide. In that interview, the direct response comes at minute 13 and shortly after in rebuttal to the impertinence of whitewashing (?) murderous, bloody racism into ‘honor’.

Yes, the continuing ascent of the internet and the continuing loss of control of ‘the narrative’ by the corporate media is, indeed, a momentous event, an event that calls for grateful Thanksgiving. Up to now…


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