‘Make the economy scream!’

That immortal statement by the US President Nixon. Back then the intended target was President Salvador Allende of Chile and his government. Unsurprisingly, in today’s environment the corporate MSM is more assiduous in studious avoidance of any mention of that event. Or any similar ones. But thanks to the internet and YouTube – so far – there is easy access to such sordid events and history.

The independent news and analysis site, Democracy Now!, is but one reference, “Make the Economy Scream”: Secret Documents Show Nixon, Kissinger Role Backing 1973 Chile Coup. Peter Kornbluh of GWU had highlighted the pivotal role of Henry Kissinger in Chile – his stewardship of the orgy of torture, death and destruction would not be limited to just Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and Operation Condor would soon take to wing.

Unlike in the US, in Chile most of the culprits, even in their declining years, would feel the long arm of justice, Chile Frees Pinochet Agent Who Tortured, Killed President Bachelet’s Father. We learn this about the psychopath, Edgar Cevallos Jones,

A former Chilean dictatorship-era Air Force officer responsible for torturing and killing Alberto Bachelet, father of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, over four decades ago has been released due to mental health issues just three years after being sentenced.

The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights determined that former Colonel Edgar Cevallos Jones, considered one of the most recognized torturers during the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet, suffers from dementia, and cited his “severe and irreversible” condition as grounds for his release.

To have escaped justice for that many years…

One would expect that a deterrent for other culpable officials and countries would be the prospect of continual exposure from very readily available documentation of their evil, their crimes against humanity. Yet that seems clearly not to be the case, as Mark Weisbrot explains in his interview on RT, US seeks regime change in Venezuela by destroying its economy – expert

Weisbrot cites Nicaragua as another example of the machinations of the US to destroy the economy and government of that country – beyond the previous murderous and destructive activities of the US-sponsored criminal band, the Contras. As is well known, the plan against Venezuela has been in implementation since 1998, with increasing levels of intensity at the judgement, some whim, of the country’s most vulnerable point.

As August comes to an end – and the Maduro government still stands – a close comparison of strategies for Iran and Venezuela is noteworthy, as a teleSUR analyst explains, The 1953 Coup in Iran: A Blueprint for Venezuela?

(Mercifully, there is yet no mention of deploying the strategy used in Libya.}

The question then, when will fateful, criminal events similar to those of 19Aug53 or 11Sep73 be launched? On 11Sep17 – to lift the mood of US citizens, and satisfy the odd quest to Make America (US) Great Again? ‘Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold…’


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