26 July 1953

Those who remember the days of the Batista régime can still recall the sense of relief, elation at its overthrow, a totally corrupt, brutal régime that enjoyed total US support, with the Mafia of the US entrenched on the island, inflicting heaping doses of abuse and humiliation on its people.

Today that day has been celebrated in Cuba, as TeleSUR reports with, Fidel’s Legacy Present at July 26 Moncada Attack Celebrations. This excerpt should disappoint and lead to resignation and acceptance, but will not, by implacable foes such as the inconsequential Sen Marco Rubio of Miami who believe Miami is the capital of Cuba,

Ten of thousands of Cubans celebrated the anniversary of the Moncada attack of July 26, 1953, a key moment that would later lead to the triumph of the revolution and the end of the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship on the Caribbean nation.

Back on 26Nov16, Duncan Campbell of The Guardian took his readers on a journey, both sobering and hilarious, of US efforts to murder the Cuban leader and some of his comrades, Close but no cigar: how America failed to kill Fidel Castro. Couple excerpts of an article that still serves as a cautionary tale.

From the famous exploding cigars to poison pills hidden in a cold-cream jar, the CIA and Cuban exile groups spent nearly 50 years devising ways to kill Fidel Castro. None of the plots, of course, succeeded but one of his loyal security men calculated that a total of 634 attempts, some ludicrous, some deadly serious, had been made on the life of El Comandante.

The clear indicator that nothing has changed since then or before, as it relates to any government that refuses to surrender its sovereignty to the US and its business interests, comes with this,

The plotting began almost immediately after the 1959 revolution. In 1961, when Cuban exiles, with the backing of the US government tried to overthrow him in the Bay of Pigs debacle, the plan was to assassinate Fidel and Raúl Castro along with Che Guevara…

(To put the heinous plots in better context, one has only to recall the fate, in 1961, of the democratically-elected President of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba: deposed, tortured, shot to death against a tree, dismembered, buried, exhumed, and, the final indignity, dissolved in acid – with the participation of avid supporters and students of King Leopold II, yes, the US, UK and Belgium. And the orgy of plunder, death, destruction and destabilisation continues.)

And in light of such evidence, the US corporate media would blithely move on, in clear abandonment of its journalistic responsibilities; and a populace steeped in the fantasy of moral superiority of the country would show far more concern for tv distractions, unlike those of vulnerable countries.

In essence, the Cuba episode would completely expose, confirm such media as unadulterated Fake News, propaganda – the surprisingly less inattentive of US citizens would long after discover that fact of Fake News, as well as poorly disguised corruption, and only at their recent national elections.

The democratically-elected government of Venezuela with those reserves of hydrocarbons is now, more than ever, next in line for overt overthrow, with a pattern similar to the Ukraine affair – the only difference, no US legislators handing out cookies to the violent insurrectionists, and no overthrow, yet. The caravan of plunder, death, destruction and destabilisation approaches.


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