13August, and a Happy 90th

Cuba and the world celebrate the 90th birthday of Fidel Castro. As TeleSUR reports, Tribute to Fidel Castro on His 90th Birthday

An excerpt,

On Saturday, August 13, the world will celebrate the 90th birthday of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro Ruz, the only individual ever to be acknowledged by the UN as a “World Hero of Solidarity.” It is very hard to think of a more important world leader than Fidel. The contribution he has made to the world socialist movement, to the Third World liberation struggle and to social justice has been monumental – especially when one considers that he has been the leader of a tiny country with roughly the same population as New York City.

As remains evident Fidel has towered over all world leaders since the end of Second World War. Among his signal successes in the region (and elsewhere) is the exhortation to potential leaders that the welfare of all citizens, even the humblest, is an attainable goal, yet a goal once achieved must be defended from hostile forces.

This, a heart-warming article on Fidel and his old chums, again from TeleSUR, Here’s 6 of Fidel Castro’s Most Iconic Comrades. And, yes, he did survive several assassination attempts against his life – by the US government.


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