4July in the US, another day in history

The myth, the ‘narrative’, repetition to inculcate the myth, and an ever compliant corporate media. The advent of alternative media, its increasing reliability and credibility, would offer another perspective, providing background to issues. The 04July, US Independence Day (first Brexit?), would be no exception.

For those who still cling to some romantic notion, RT gives us, 5 myths debunked by Howard Zinn (and others) about America’s ‘Independence Day’.

In TeleSUR, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz views the day through the eyes of the indigenous peoples,  July 4th: No Time for Celebration for Indigenous Peoples in US. A snippet,

July 4 symbolizes the beginning of the “Indian wars” and “westward movement” that continued across the continent for another century of unrelenting U.S. wars of conquest. That was the goal of independence for both the seasoned killers of the so-called “revolutionary army” and the militias using extreme violence against Indigenous noncombatants to subjugate and expel.

(And in that relentless drive for ‘The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’, one of the predictable milestones would be, not Sandy Hook, but Sand Creek.)

In the more civilised era, Yves Smith at her blog, naked capitalism, reposts an earlier post, where she explores how citizens can be induced to act, and act strongly, against their own self-interests, and with alacrity. In her powerful post,  Why Don’t Americans Take More Vacations? Blame It on Independence Day, is a telling paragraph,

Anyone who has studied the history of public relations in the US will not only tell you it works, but also will be able to provide numerous examples, starting with the Creel Committee in World War I, which turned a pacifist US into rabid German-haters in a mere 18 months. But Fischer would rather appeal to Americans’ vanity and exceptionalism. Carey, by contrast, documents the intensity of messaging efforts, the channels used, and tracks how polls and headlines changed. And contra Fischer, he finds Americans to be particularly susceptible to propaganda (by contrast, Australians’ native skepticism of authority, keen sense of irony, and strong community orientation gives them a wee bit of resistance, although Carey described how they were being worn down too).

(Words and meanings. Public relations. Propaganda.)

04July, a day that celebrates military conquests, and a day on which there is a famous (?) hot dog eating contest, apart from myriad outdoor barbecues, where citizens celebrate freedom – yet a day that more and more view through less fogged-up lenses.


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