A Sunday read: Cuba, its struggles for its dignity

Today, 17April, is yet another day in the history of the United States and its involvement in the affairs of weak countries, especially those of the region.

As is known, Cuba was the country run by a very corrupt dictator, Fulgencio Batista, a country where the criminal organisation, the Mafia, had the run of the land. Cuba’s poor, and in their millions, were of no consequence as their social and economic situation continued to worsen – until Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries came along. That surrogates of the US should be so unceremoniously dispatched would be an affront that would not be allowed to go unpunished.

TeleSUR takes us back in time with, Bay of Pigs, the CIA’s Biggest Fiasco, 55 years later

One excerpt should provoke memory of a similar, foolhardy statement to justify a more brutal and destructive invasion of yet another country that had never attacked nor posed a threat to the United States.

…Underlying the whole invasion was the assumption that the Cuban people would rise up to overthrow the revolutionary government. Upon learning of the invasion, the Cuban people indeed rose up, but they did so to defend their revolution and oust the CIA mercenaries. And that’s the most important and timeless truth about Playa Giron.

Little has changed. The US remains, sadly, undeterred in its efforts to control weaker states, especially those with resources. In some cases, violence is used, especially among the Muslim countries. In others, economic and political destabilisation is the preferred strategy, where innocuous looking programmes are offered (with financial aid) through special non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with helpful foreign advice. It is these special NGOs that arise as the vehicles that would initiate destabilising activities, protests or acts of violence – when the moment seems right.

The recent visit of the US President to Cuba was seen more as symbolic – and an opportunity, more photo-op, for the US President to give the impression of accomplishing something beyond the continuing death and destruction that have followed his policies in the Middle East and Africa. That his régime should have been exposed,  yet remain unembarrassed and undeterred, by AP in 2014 as implementing mind-boggling, amateurish plans that included ZunZuneo, to destabilise the country has not been lost on the Cubans nor other peoples of the region.

Whichever the US President, little changes – for the benefit of the region, that is. And this most countries of the region know.


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