Hugo Chávez, hasta siempre

A refreshing read against the backdrop of the US President proclaiming, on 04Mar. and for a second consecutive year, Venezuela a threat to the US.

With that and the US President’s accomplishment in mind, we have TeleSur which pays homage to the late President of Venezuela who died on 05Mar2013.

Chavez’s Legacy

It’s been three years since Nicolas Maduro went on national TV to announce the tragic death of beloved revolutionary leader, Hugo Chavez. The size and intensity of the outpouring that followed would show the world, in some measure, the huge impact Chavez had had both in Venezuela and around the world.

PetroCaribe. Unasur, Celac. All the more admirable is the extent of his success, the benefits that flowed in a socially inclusive country, came despite unrelenting pressure from the enforcers of neoliberalism that brooks no competition.

Moreover President Chávez did not have to promise ‘hope and change’, he merely delivered it and more. Reality vs rhetoric.

As they say, ‘¡Hasta siempre, Comandante!’

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