A Long Read – The Agony of Global Capitalism

In a thought-provoking article, TeleSUR gives its take on global capitalism. The crises that afflict the Greece, which again goes to the polls in snap elections, and Puerto Rico provide a useful starting point.

The English version, The Agony of Global Capitalism As opener we have,

At least two populations suffered a severe economic crises this year – Greece and Puerto Rico – crises that submitted them to the demands and will of international creditors and resulted in dramatic cuts in social spending, as well as untold suffering in the form of increased unemployment and poverty.

These two places, Greece and Puerto Rico, although separated by more than 8,000 miles, and despite their completely different socio-political, socio-economic, and historical contexts, have in common a subjugation to the global economic system generally and, more specifically, to a major economic power: to the United States and to Germany, respectively.

En español, Capitalismo en agonía Dos párrafos claves,

En 2015, dos países han sufrido graves crisis económicas que los han obligado a someterse a sus acreedores y deudores, y en las que se ha afectado a los pueblos con más recortes sociales y menos inversión social.

Grecia y Puerto Rico, a pesar de una separación de más de 8 mil kilómetros entre sí, guardan relación en cuanto a la subyugación económica de las grandes economías, Alemania y Estados Unidos, respectivamente.

And, if it was clear enough to the non-religious, from the Pontiff in his visit to Cuba, Pope Critical of Capitalism: This Empire Throws Away the Young

He again repeats the obvious that would, predictably, fail to make the pontification of the corporate MSM,

Pope Francis gave a speech searing into the ills of Western capitalism on Sunday following a meeting with President Raul Castro in Cuba.

During his speech at the Cathedral of Havana, the pope criticized the culture imposed by capitalism, which worships money and discards anything and anyone that is not lucrative.

“This discarding culture is bad for everyone, it takes away our hope,” he added.

To illustrate his criticism, the Pontiff used youth unemployment in Europe (40 percent for people aged 25 and younger) as an example of the discarding culture.

And the Pontiff is scheduled to visit the US next, the very bastion of capitalism unbound.


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