EEUU, ‘Aquí se habla español’???

Yes, we can! ¡Sí, se puede! And in the very country where, since it is politically incorrectly to vituperate the black as in those ‘halcyon’ days of political games, the Latin is now open game, game as prey for hunting and deporting and for slander, the Spanish language will be spoken at many formal events. Mon dieu, where have all those ‘freedom’ fries (and WMDs) gone?

Yes, Pope Francisco plans to visit the US. And, yes, of the many speeches and Masses he is scheduled to give, the majority will be in Spanish, his native (Argentine) tongue. As The Guardian informs us, Pope Francis to deliver most speeches in Spanish during US tour. ¡Qué bárbaro! as some from far South would say.

Fourteen of his speeches will be in Spanish and four in English, which will certainly delight Mr Donald Trump, US billionaire and Presidential candidate, and those inspired by his fulminations against this vulnerable, vote-getting target, Central American refugees, very many unaccompanied minors, the dreadful consequence of decades and decades of unrelenting US munificence. (That there should be such shock in the US at the drowning of refugee toddler, Aylan Kurdi, is all the more perplexing.)

In a further turn of the screw, and just in case US policymakers fail to understand the fruits of the country’s colonial stewardship in Puerto Rico, The Guardian resorts to both English and Spanish on an issue, the consequences of which are familiar to those of the US who, despite their power of the vote to effect change in their own situation, routinely succumb to false promises.

The burden of paying back Puerto Rico’s debt should not fall on the island’s poor

El peso de la deuda puertorriqueña no debe recaer sobre los pobres

Of course, a threat the language (and others) poses is that culture of itself will diminish or give pause to the effectiveness of indoctrination in a reflex propensity to dismiss the actual costs of policy to the individual and community’s very livelihood, whenever the cynical false alarm of patriotism is invoked to justify external adventures to the benefit of a select group. Does untarnished foreign culture such as the many Latin (and others) offer the opportunity to achieve the Audacity of Hope, redemption for the US – at long last? Does Mr Trump represent the panic over the mere thought of declining power felt so palpably by the self-declared ‘more entitled’ elsewhere in the country?

Y ahora, ¿un café y arepa?


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