For some, 9/11; for many others, 11/9

Unsuspecting countries that have succumbed to the tidal wave of ‘news’ and ‘analysis’ from US cable will no doubt be inundated with stories on that atrocity committed on US soil back in 2001, when some three thousand people perished. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis would subsequently die, and millions more displaced in a largely destroyed Iraq – but that is another story, as is that of Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Syria…

On that same date in 1973, the government of President Salvador Allende would be overthrown in a bloody coup (‘regime change’), a reign of terror would immediately ensue. We take a look back.

TeleSUR does facilitate, on an event now conveniently disregarded by the US MSM so gung ho then. We have this, and in some detail, Muerte de Allende

Or this,  9/11: Chile and US Linked by a Fatal Date Sample excerpts,

Two acts of brutality – 28 years apart – against the people of Chile and the United States, weave the histories of the two countries together.

The date September 11 is interwoven in the history of both North and South America. In South America, however, the date has been significant for 41 years.

Sept. 11, 1973, was the date of the U.S.-backed coup against the socialist government of Salvador Allende in Chile. Hours after an intense bombing strike began, led by Gen. Augusto Pinochet, President Allende was found dead in the presidential palace.

That report adds depth to a grievous injustice on a country and people guilty only of supporting a democracy and government to which the government of the US and its corporate interests had objected.

And in the tendency of history to crop up at unexpected times would come the conviction of one murderous graduate of US training,. Nick MacWilliam at TeleSUR would oblige us, How the US Backed Pinochet’s Henchman Manuel Contreras Couple observations from MacWilliam,

But the terror unleashed by the military regime against its own people would not have been possible without the support of Pinochet’s allies in the United States government. Following Allende’s election in 1970, President Richard Nixon ordered the CIA to ‘make the [Chilean] economy scream’. This was achieved by funding a series of strikes that halted industry and exerted intense pressure on Allende’s government. The CIA also ploughed millions of dollars into an anti-government propaganda campaign in the pages of El Mercurio, Chile’s most influential newspaper and a pillar of reactionary dogma.

Contreras’ dealings with the United States predated the coup. In 1967, he enrolled at the US Army School of the Americas, which had branches in the US and Panama, where he was trained in counterinsurgency techniques, including interrogation and torture, that had been pioneered in Indochina and would soon be implemented across Latin America. Today the center is known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.

In August 2015 another psychopath, General Hernan Ramirez, would, on conviction, commit suicide, only a few days after the death of Contreras.

11 September is a date of remembrance for two countries. In the US the pomp and circumstance will grow, as would heroic legends, a tragedy marketed for propaganda and profit. Refugees to alternative media and blogs will continue to find freedom from the fluff.


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