El Salvador does need a saviour

Though hardly alone in its utter desperation and daily diet of violent death in Central America, El Salvador is proof of the tragedy inflicted upon it, and without mercy.

One consequence is the heart-wrenching decisions parents are forced to make. To save the lives of their children they sacrifice life savings and borrowed money to aid their children’s flight from violence and death in their own country. And that flight can also prove to be perilous or deadly.

In a bizarre attempt to stem this tide of unaccompanied children, the US set about to create its, ‘Alliance for Prosperity for the Northern Triangle‘, a programme that justly deserves the ridicule for its utter cynicism. Prosperity? A cruel joke.

As the US media blitz creates the intended illusion of seriousness and nobleness of purpose, reality never fails to intrude, and from the blogs. As TeleSUR recently reported, US Central America Plan Exacerbates Migration Crisis, Critics Say. An excerpt,

The humanitarian delegation, made up of Mexican and Guatemalan religious leaders among others, condemned the plan for promoting a model of development and employment generation focused on mega-projects that displace communities and rob indigenous peoples of land titles, destroy the environment, undermine food security and sovereignty, and deteriorate traditional ways of life, which all contribute to conditions that force migration.

Especially important and very ironic here is the photo-op as we glance at the personalities to the immediate left and right of the US President. Nothing could be more telling as reality, with a cruel sense of humour, continues to prove unflattering to the self-important.

But more to the point on those children whose futures loving parents prefer to entrust to the great unknown of the North, where there may be some opportunity than to the stark known in their own country. The Guardian reports, Driven by fear: the Salvadorean children sent on the perilous journey to the US. An excerpt,

…The entire family – siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles – woke before dawn to see her off from their farmhouse in Rosario de Mora, a rural area set in rolling hills about an hour’s drive from the capital, San Salvador. The mother wasn’t sure they would ever met again. “It was terrible,” she remembers…

The Guardian would then continue to trace this sad odyssey of hope for child victims of a society grievously wounded by US policy that had run rampant, and very violently so, especially throughout Central America. Children who would be deprived of a childhood.

Of course, it would be The Guardian, which, with the BBC, would highlight the ‘stellar’ role of one US official in both El Salvador and Iraq, as another US official would later observe,

…Celerino Castillo, a Senior Drug Enforcement Administration special agent who worked alongside Steele in El Salvador, says: “I first heard about Colonel James Steele going to Iraq and I said they’re going to implement what is known as the Salvadoran Option in Iraq and that’s exactly what happened. And I was devastated because I knew the atrocities that were going to occur in Iraq which we knew had occurred in El Salvador.”…

The noteworthy companions of the US President in that photo? Well, to the left of the US President is the President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández. As TeleSUR would report,

President Hernandez and his ruling national party are accused of funneling at least US$90 million of US$200 million siphoned out of public coffers to fund the party’s 2013 election campaign that saw Hernandez narrowly win over the opposition amid widespread calls of electoral fraud and political repression.

Honduras is dirt poor, destitute, very violent and deadly, and controlled by a handful of oligarchs and a US base located in the Aguan region. Honduras is the country whose democratically elected President was, in 2009, overthrown in a military coup, one supported by, well, the usual, we know the rest.

On the immediate right of the US President? The President of Guatemala, President Otto Pérez Molina. Amy Goodman with her Democracy Now! would report, Guatemala President Faces Arrest as Business Interests and U.S. Scramble to Contain Uprising.

In Guatemala, a judge has ordered that former Vice President Roxana Baldetti must remain in prison while her corruption trial takes place. The ruling comes on the heels of the Guatemalan Supreme Court’s decision Tuesday to lift the immunity from prosecution for President Otto Pérez Molina, clearing the way for his impeachment. The court passed the impeachment recommendation along to Congress

And who, really, really, is this Guatemalan President to the immediate right of the US President? Well, the US independent analyst, Goodman obliges, Genocide-Linked General Otto Pérez Molina Poised to Become Guatemala’s Next President. The pattern is consistent as tens of thousands of voiceless Mayan and campesino survivors can attest – José Efraín Ríos Montt and his merry band.

So, then, Alliance for Prosperity? Well, TeleSUR presents an in-depth look on the struggles of this blighted Trinity, Central America Rising. The expectation is that this Triangle would fight to no longer be an obtuse one.

Alliance for Prosperity? El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras? And, of all ironies, a US initiative? Really, now.


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