A Long Read – Progress of one ally in US ‘Alliance for Prosperity’

That word, context.

Countries of Central America have long been known, disparagingly, as ‘banana republics’. Of late there has been a deluge of immigrants, especially the young, from Central America that is seeking to enter the US to escape the violence and mayhem of their respective country. For its part, the US, in a bid to stem this tide and to stifle the increasingly overt racism and hostility directed at these refugees, sort of developed an ambitious plan. That plan, yet to be approved, comprised a heavy component of ‘security’ with some ‘economic‘ projects.

The curiousness of the title of the programme is an indication of the level of seriousness of its designers, ‘Alliance for Prosperity‘. Members of the plan are El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, ‘the Northern Triangle’. These three countries are among the poorest in the hemisphere, with grotesque levels of inequality and violent repression. Policy designers of elsewhere would have focused first on basics such as significant reduction in poverty and indigence; ease of access to health care; ease of access to education, training; effective governance. In effect, the word, ‘prosperity’, is one that would have to wait some time – indeed, a long, long time – to be mentioned, and then considered.

Here the Guardian has a detailed look at the consequences of US policy in a country that produced that strong ally of the US, Roberto D’Aubuisson.

One murder every hour: how El Salvador became the homicide capital of the world

A stark view of El Salvador, where vestiges of hope still strive to blossom, with honest, not cynical, nurturing. Mired in grinding poverty and unremitting violence, the country is consoled with happy talk, talk of prosperity?


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