A US policy publication recognises Venezuela’s real threats?

TeleSUR as one of the new media continues to show its worth. Here its Joe Emersberger has scanned the ‘conventional’ news media and has found a report that conforms to truth, reality. Here he examines an article from Foreign Affairs, where one of its writers, Robert Lovato, hews to the facts, facts long known to very many sceptical of US media, The Unmaking of Leopoldo Lopez. One observation from Emersberger,

That is why I was shocked that Foreign Policy published Roberto Lovato’s lengthy and devastating exposé of Leopoldo Lopez. When Desmond Tutu, a decent person who is not on the far right, compares Leopoldo Lopez to Martin Luther King, that tells you how comically one-sided and dishonest the international media’s portrayal of Lopez has been. A recent, and vastly more typical Foreign Policy piece about Lopez ran with the title “Venezuela’s Last Hope”. The title summarizes that piece perfectly but it also shows how the international press has depicted the Venezuelan opposition since at least 2001.

As has been long recognised, the ruse, amateurish or barely disguised, has been to lionise the culprits in the attempts to destabilise (and ‘change’) the Venezuelan government, and thereby distract from the facts of US complicity in the process. Clearly, increasing trust in alternative media and increasing distrust of conventional media may have sparked some concern here for a return, even if fleeting, to serious journalism.

Of course, where Lovato falls short, Emersberger fills in the facts. Yes, media as RT, CCTV, TeleSUR complement well US blogs such as Common Dreams, Counter Punch, and the few somewhat reliable online newspapers such as The Guardian – adding to the self-inflicted irrelevance of the MSM.


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