TeleSUR, ten years on, with focus

TeleSUR celebrates its tenth year of operation. And as most countries of the region continues to pursue their path of independence, it is only natural that congratulations should come from the former President of Cuba, Fidel Castro.

Over the years of its operations TeleSUR has provided news, analysis and articles seldom found in major media such as issues that affect the indigenous or the poor. or even general news on any of the not-so-small countries. And just as one of many examples that distinguishes TeleSUR, we have, Impact of ‘Ecocide’ in Guatemala’s Pasion River Runs Deep

The United Nations expressed concern Tuesday about serious contamination of Guatemala’s Pasion River and the risks the environmental damage poses to thousands of families.

The Pasion River was declared an ecological disaster after it was severely contaminated by an industrial pesticide used for the production of African oil palm, a chemically intensive crop grown as a monoculture.

And on the issue of palm oil and its cost to the defenseless, the Ebola crisis features, Palm Oil Land Grab During Liberian Ebola Crisis Caused Abuses, from which,

Massive land grabs in Liberia by a major foreign agribusiness company at the peak of the Ebola outbreak have had a hand in the harassment and violence faced by Liberians speaking out against palm oil expansion, a new report released Thursday claims.

According to the expose by Global Witness, Liberian state authorities are helping pave the way for the company Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) to expand its already sprawling palm oil production by criminalizing grassroots opposition and pressuring communities to give up their land rights in the face of state-sanctioned harassment and violence.

Even in tragedy, the predators are ever busy, oftimes with official sanction, a subject usually too delicate for corporate media to explore.

As TeleSUR, and the year-old TeleSUR-English for those countries of the region, continues to grow, and with  minimal focus on the frivolous, peoples of the region have a choice to become better informed. Other new media such as news media AJE or RT and blogs such as Common Dreams or Counter Punchcan be complementary and reinforcing, providing the long absent choices for reliable, accurate and useful news, information and analysis. The era of Western-dominated media in its current configuration will continue to fade.

Simón Bolívar had set out and fought to fulfill his dream for a united and independent Latin America. Hugo Chávez would set out to achieve that dream, with continuing, albeit uneven, success – even after his untimely death. TeleSUR is one of his legacies.

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