La Présidente brésilienne parle français – aux États Unis?

President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil just recently completed a long planned visit to the US. That visit had been deferred because of that delicate matter of US eavesdropping on all and sundry in Brazil, and elsewhere. The Brazilian President had been a principal target of the US eavesdropping.

The President, during her stay in the US, would explain her change of attitude at the selfless, magnanimous decision of the US to halt its spying activities toward her, and members of her government. After all, things had changed. As the news report would have it,

“The change is particularly due to the fact that President Obama and the U.S. government have stated on several occasions that they would no longer engage in intrusive acts of spying on friendly countries. I believe President Obama,” Rousseff said.

[bold added for emphasis]

Inconveniently, that report comes from TeleSUR, similarly from The Intercept, and that pesky source of information zealously avoided by the ‘legacy’ corporate MSM, Wikileaks Reveals New Details of ‘Intensive’ NSA Brazil Spying. Yes, WikiLeaks, again. This time comes confirmation of what many had long had little reason to doubt,

The latest release includes a list of the NSA’s top targets in Brazil, with the agency taking a particular interest in key financial and economic figures in what Wikileaks described as “intensive interception.”
The timing of that release of documents could not have been more inauspicious for one country (and one self-anointed candidate for the US Presidency).
So, then, clearly implicit in the acceptance of the US President’s mantra of ‘Change you can believe in!’ is the Brazilian President’s aside to herself, ‘Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose‘, while avoiding the hors d’oeuves.and the booze. And no need for her to throw BRICS – Noblesse oblige, and all that.

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