Portrait of a political leader – in word and deed

No media creation, she. And among the few exceptional leaders in an America, where they all hail from the south.

At TeleSUR, Prof Juan Pablo Ferrero paints a portrait of the Argentina President, Cristina Fernández Kirchner (CFK). President Fernández ends her second and final term, as Presidential elections are scheduled for 25 October 2015.

Cristina Fernandez: The Grand Elector of Argentina

Early in the turn of the century, the late husband (and former President) of the incumbent, together with the late President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, and Inácio Lula da Silva, former President of Brazil, had laid the foundation for countries of Latin America (and the Caribbean) to escape the oppressive thrall of neoliberalism and develop defenses against unsolicited intrusion into the affairs of the respective countries. That strategy would yield rapid improvements in critical areas such as social welfare, reduction in poverty and inequality, and increase in economic opportunity, especially for the socially disadvantaged.
The sustainability of that strategy, not surprisingly, continues to be under assault. And the determination to forge ahead with that strategy appears just as strong. Democracy, true democracy, in action – in the southern part of America.

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