‘Free Trade’, Lies and Looting – Prof Black Shineth the Light on Evil

The Economic Sermon of the Day.

But before we get there. The problem of inexperience and narcissism is that the latter trait too often prevails on the former that it is indeed experience, even wisdom. Case in point is the failure to understand on the part of the incautious and inexperienced that the US Senator Warren never has been ‘packaged’ – her accomplishments are there for all to see and understand. And there ought to be that likelihood that her similarly maligned colleague, Senator Sherrod Brown, may actually know something about trade and ‘free trade’? Then, again, there is something about ‘fools rush in’…

Which brings us to the Economic Sermon of the Day from Professor William K Black. Black is also known for the investigation and securing of the criminal prosecution of very many involved in the infamous Savings & Loan debacle in the US. And the thing is, the crimes of that era were not nearly as egregious as those of the recent ‘Great Financial Crash’, where not one malefactor has been charged, far more convicted – that political inoculation, immunisation in the US that comes through corporate campaign contributions and other lavish perquisites.

Let us yield to Prof Black’s Sermon, Obama & TPP: Every One That Doeth Evil Hateth the Light. This should end all confusion and, as lagniappe, expose in the harsh light those players who have stakes, gains, future benefits from the successful promotion of a falsehood, a costly deception of US citizens, a cost those of many countries already suffer. As inducement to plunge into the Professor’s pronouncement, we add a few excerpts,

One of the most reprehensible aspects of TPP is that it is (still) being drafted in secret – that it from us, the people – but with corporate lobbyists literally drafting their wish list. Obama made the critical mistake of personally attacking Warren, which is roughly equivalent to a small town mayor launching a personal attack on Jon Stewart. You know the results will be that Stewart will wipe the floor with the mayor.

Or, to move the metaphor to Hollywood, the character playing the President in the movie The American President warns his political opponent to limit his attacks to the President rather than his girlfriend: “you better stick with me, ’cause Sydney Ellen Wade is way out of your league.” Warren is way out of Obama’s league in this arena of protecting the American people from CEOs’ frauds and abuses. Obama is the one who infamously told the bankers he was protecting them from the American people’s demands for the restoration of the rule of law so that the banksters would be held accountable for leading the fraud epidemics that drove the financial crisis and the Great Depression. Obama, being Obama, phrased that in the form of a vile slander of the American people, claiming that they wanted to use “pitchforks” rather than prosecutions.

[bold added for emphasis]

Yes, as the Prof Black observes,

There are five aspects of Obama’s deal that are indefensible and will cause immense damage to the base and the public at large – and Obama’s efforts to smear critics of these indefensible provisions adds a sixth aspect that cries out for rejection. It is indefensible to:

[bold added for emphasis]

Lots of suspense that invite a complete reading, analysis that is lucid, cogent and devastating.

A conclusion, almost inescapable, also suggests itself, a successfully ‘packaged’ corporate celebrity President, is laying the foundation for his next corporate career move, his ‘legacy’. For those on such a path strict adherence to the saying, ‘Silence is Golden’, is critical for achieving the goal (and the gold) – especially with regard to Senator Warren. Or Senator Brown, for that matter.


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